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Premier Environmental are one of the UK's leading providers of bird control solutions using the most innovative products available. Our control systems are manufactured to the highest specification, meeting ISO standards and as full members of the British Pest Control Association you can be assured that we are at the forefront of our profession with a proven track record built up over 25 years.

Our approach to bird control is focused on professionalism, technique and a fast reslove.



bird netting system

Bird Netting

Bird netting to control pest birds on all types of structures.


bird control wires

Bird Control Wire

The most unobtrusive bird control system, suitable for pest Pigeons and Seagulls.

Bird Wire

bird control spikes on light

Bird Spikes

Our bird spikes are easy to install and can be adapted to fit most building structures to protect against Pigeons and Seagulls.

Bird Spikes

Avishock bird track

Avishock Bird Control

Avishock electric bird control deterrent system


bird control shoots


Specialist trained marksmen on call to remove unwanted birds from inside buildings.

abseiling access

Abseiling Access

Our specialist rope access team can install the bird control systems in the most inaccessible areas.